Employer Types

For many jobs in the insurance and risk management industry, there may be several types of businesses in which you could work and develop your career. For example, if you were a commercial lines insurance agent (producer) working in a retail insurance agency, you may eventually gain great expertise insuring a certain type of risk. You could use your expertise and the relationships you have gained to become a wholesale broker of specialized insurance products to other retail insurance agencies. Both are similar jobs performed in different types of business — one who directly serves the retail client and the other who works exclusively with insurance agents and brokers.

Below is a simplified map of the insurance industry. Click on the business type in the diagram to see a description of the business and the typical jobs available. The jobs titles are linked to the Job Profile section of this website.

the image Retail Agencies Clients Industry Service Providers Insurance Companies Wholesale Brokers

Insurance Companies

Wholesale Insurance Brokerages

Retail Agencies

Industry-Wide Service Providers